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This is the website of me, James James (the famous author, not the canine physician from Hartepool).



Bugle & Yarrington is a comic satire on law, a parody of the proud English legal profession, a comedy of c*ck-ups (in more senses than one) and a work of great literary merit.


I know anyone who is anyone is meant to have an imposing web presence, but that concept just makes me feel like a boastful spider. And it presents deeper a question: Am I anyone?

My Book

For me, the first upsetting thing you will note is the title of this section is in the singular. If both the printed copies of my venerable tome sell, the second print run will commence. If both these sell as well, I might be allowed to publish another story, when this section will be more grandly entitled "My Books".


But for now I must make do with "My Book", a comic satire on law and the legal profession.



I had enormous fun writing it, and if you read it, I really do hope you enjoy it and that it makes you laugh.

About Me

I am a lawyer, which means that whatever I write here, a good proportion of you already think I’m an overpaid, puffed-up plonker. I say my case rests in the book.

I’m a fairly normal chap, really, living and working in London. I don't take buses, I avoid them. I like all the normal things: friends, music, eating, drinking and taxidermy.

When I'm not working (or pretending to), I like travelling and seeing the world. I could say I'm married, have two lovely kids and enjoy cookery, but only one of these is true.

I’m also meant to tell you about my education, such as it was, but you probably don’t give two hoots, so instead I will bring this section to a neat close.

Legal Stuff

(Don't sue me, I'm a lawyer)

Legal Advice

Bugle & Yarrington is definitely a work of fiction and is absolutely not autobiographical. All the characters I invented in my book are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons either living or dead is purely coincidental.

I cannot offer any legal advice. (You'd be totally bonkers to come to me for that in any case.)


But my publisher insisted that I had a website. Their argument was: "We need your presence on the web in order to sell you."


"I’m not for sale" fell on deaf ears and stern looks. So I promised to provide some copy and here it is.


After much eyeball rolling and concern over the frankly slapdash way in which I approached this task, and further worry that I would alienate potential readers of my book in the face of all known marketing methods, my publisher finally agreed to use my shot at this. Thank you Blue Mark Books!

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